Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tai Chi Gala 2010 Approaches

It’s almost time for the annual Tai Chi Gala in upstate New York, June 4–6. Regrettably, I cannot attend this year, due to funding and other commitments. Instead, my intensive training last month at the Gompa will have to suffice for 2010, and I hope to attend the Gala in 2011.

For students of Jiulong Baguazhang, the Tai Chi Gala is special because:

  • it will host our annual Gathering of the Circle, a full week of intensive training, June 7–11, following the main Gala event;
  • it is descended from the Tai Chi Farm of the late Master Jou Tsung Hwa, a key figure in Daoqiquan’s modern history;
  • it continues to showcase a variety of authentic internal martial arts with undiluted mind/body techniques;
  • it is an ideal place to meet other Jiulong students from all over and to receive top-quality training from senior Jiulong teachers.

Early in Dr. Painter’s career, the late Master Jou Tsung Hwa recognized the value of Daoqiquan as one of the few remaining Chinese martial art systems with its full ancient power still intact. Master Jou encouraged Dr. Painter to make a career of teaching the Daoqiquan arts, and to this day, Dr. Painter recognizes Master Jou’s mentoring as a key force in preserving these arts for a modern audience.

Today, Master Jou’s martial arts lineage is carried on by his student Loretta Wollering. Though the old Tai Chi Farm has closed, Ms. Wollering preserves its tradition by operating the annual Tai Chi Gala.

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